Oh dear....I joined in for the first time last week, and loved the responses form everyone, thanks to all who took the time to comment. I also loved browsing through other participants.  I was really looking forward to joining in again this week, but last night disaster struck! I am still not entirely sure how it happened, but last night I made a really nice chilli con carne for tea.....so what I hear you cry! Well I was clearing up afterwards and holding a conversation with my Son at the same time. I went to stand my great big heavy chopping board up against the backdrop, as I have done many many times, and somehow if slipped or toppled, don't know which, but all I know is that I had turned to talk to Dan and then felt an incredible pain in my fingers. The darn board had landed on my finger tips trapping them between the board and the granite worktop. Sounds pathetic I know, but I have never known pain like it....worse than childbirth! It was all my brain could do to comprehend the pain. I couldn't talk to Dan to say what I had done at all, no words would come out. I put my hand in cold water straight away and watched my fingers go red, then black. I didn't know whether I was going to faint or be sick. Anyway the upshot is that I am typing with one hand now, can't craft at all as I can't use the fingers of my left hand.....hence my work desk is tidy and completely empty....nothing to see here folks...move on please!!!!
Please accept my apologies an my promise that I will be back next week!