Good Morning Campers....
Wednesday again already, I really don't know where the week goes!
Quite a quiet week craft wise this week. I didn't have any family birthdays, anniversaries or anything to make for, and whilst I have been ill I haven't been asked for cards by anyone, so no commissions either. So I took the opportunity to get something done that has been needed for a long time. Totally boring to everyone else I think, but I desperately needed a new shopping list thingy for my fridge door. The old one was a gift from a friend many years ago and the bit that held the pad in place had broken and the paper often fell off, also the pen holder had broken and the pen was only held on by a piece of string. Here's my new one!

I have incorporated a handy little pocket for vouchers etc and a post it note pad as I can never find them when I want one!
That's it really from me this week, check out Stamping Ground to see what everyone else has been up to this week......go on...come and have a nosey around!!
Take care everyone!