Good Morning Campers!

If you have no idea what all this WOYWW stuff is all about you need to visit here where you will find out all about the phenomena otherwise known as Julia Dunnit and her The Stamping Ground blog.

Now on to my desk. This shot taken only a few minutes ago....
So what can you see then??
The main thing is a card in progress. This has been ordered by my Mum to send to my Cousin and his wife for their upcoming 40th wedding anniversary. This makes me feel so old. We were very close when growing up and being an only child, he felt more like a brother to me. I remember their wedding day very clearly, not least because I managed to trap my little finger in the car door when we arrived at the registry office! It doesn't seem long ago at all....now they are very proud Grandparents, and a lovely couple...still after all this time.Congrats guys!
What else can you see....Hmmmm well apart from all my normal tat, the only different thing is my version of a bow maker that I saw advertised online. It is the light blue thing near the ATG. Something again that saw and decided I could make my own using my cutter, works a treat and is much easier to use than the one permanently mounted on the front of my desk!

 In an effort to show you all that I do actually finish the projects I start (although they never seem to be on my desk on a Wednesday) I took this shot of the Birthday card I have made mum. I finished it a week or so ago, trying to be organised for a change, an although I know that there is no way Mum would ever use a computer, I didn't want to post it before as there are some Silver Surfer buddies out there who might have shown her it. I was quite pleased with this one as I made the flowers myself too. Mum loved it anyway so that's all that matters.

Hope you all have fun checking out the other members desks and projects. See you all again soon!

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