WOYWW time again already....didn't think  I was going to make it this week as we have had internet trouble again. We were off all day yesterday and the Virgin team, as they so grandly call themselves, cheerfully informed me that there was a problem in our area and that we would be back on at 9.30 on the 18th.....excuse me????18th????? I had a bit of a rant I am afraid....we have had so many problems lately it was the last straw yesterday, it was a bad day and I was already stressed out. Anyway we are back on this morning...but at a snails pace so I don't think it will last.
SO with no internet yesterday i resorted to one of the organisational jobs on my to do list....
What the heck is it???

Well some time ago I made a very crude attempt at a photo box, somewhere to photograph my cards etc. The box I made was bulky and I came across this nice thin box which originally contained some 12x12 papers. I have adapted it and am now making lots of mess trying to paint the inside black. I didn't want to line with paper as I found with the last box that I could always see the paper joins in the photos. Need to try to finish this today now as everything is in my way!

Well that's me done. Pop over to Julia's blog to see everyone else.